Think Diversity ! Baltic Diversity Business Forum

Think Diversity! Baltic Diversity Business Forum is the most important conference on diversity management in Latvia.
Baltic Diversity Business Forum will take place in Riga on 17 June.

This year, the main focus of the Baltic Diversity Business Forum will be a presentation of research “True cost of intolerance in Latvia: LGBTQ perspective”. Research provides an overall calculation and analysis of the true cost of the lack of inclusive policies for the economy. The Forum will also focus on the analysis of the positive impact of inclusive policies on the business and workforce in Latvia and globally.
Best practice initiatives in diversity management in Latvia often begin from international companies, but later those are successfully replicated by a wider range of employers at the national level. The forum will look at examples of how international and national level companies bring positive impact to the economy and society at large.

Taking into account the global geopolitical situation with the war in Ukraine, more and more companies by their own initiative have become activists who stand for positive change in the society and support the vulnerable. The forum will look at the most inspirational examples where companies have become change-makers.
The conference will close with a story from a Ukrainian activist about how diversity, inclusion and unity have become a part of the fight for freedom and independence.

The forum is inspired by Swedbank
The forum is supported by Sabiedrības integrācijas fonds, Accenture Baltics, KPMG Latvia, TVNET Grupa, Flanders Foreign Affairs Department, Skrivanek.

The forum will take place in Latvian and English (with translation)
The forum will be broadcasted online
The number of participants is limited. Please register
Thanks to our supporters, the Forum is free of charge


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