Sex Literacy – what does it REALLY mean?

June 14 @ 18:00 20:30

SexyStyle invites you to an educationally interactive evening, during which participants will have the opportunity to refresh their existing and gain new knowledge about the cornerstones of a happy and healthy sex life – physiology, intimate health, safety and, of course, pleasure!

Those interested will learn facts that are not discussed in health education and will get answers to questions that tend to be inconvenient to discuss in the doctor’s office (but should).

The main topics of the event:

– what sexual pleasure is and how it is affected by physiology;

– the most important thing about the anatomy of the genitals and how this knowledge helps to enjoy it;

– basic principles of arousal formation;

– safety first or how to protect yourself from unwanted experiences;

– the importance of communication and demarcation;

– STS (do not disappear if not addressed);

– condoms and lubricants – how to choose the right ones.

The lecture will be led by SexyStyle expert Eva Gulbe.

Let’s share knowledge, dispel myths, dispel prejudices and take care of our own and fellow people’s well-being together!


Krišjāņa Barona iela 33a
Rīga, LV-1011 Latvija
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