No one is free until we are all free

Martin Luther King

RIGA PRIDE is coming back to Riga, and it’s here to stay!

From June 13th to 19th, Riga will host multiple events that are vital to the LGBTQ community of Latvia. The program covers various important topics such as—human rights, physical and mental health, activism, politics on diversity and inclusion, corporate responsibility.

June 18th marks the main event—March for Freedom.

RIGA PRIDE is not just a march. It’s a collection of events that invites us to unite by giving various communities and groups a platform to be heard. We are vocal, and we’ll show our stance on LGBTQ rights, gender equality, topics that affect people with disabilities, health, the ethnic diversity of Latvia, faith, religion, and most importantly—freedom! We take part so we can all enjoy freedom in an inclusive Latvian society.

We invite you to unite and make RIGA PRIDE accessible to all, free of charge. Join our supporters and create change!

Official hashtags: #UntilWeAreAllFree #RigaPride

Pride is an annual collection of cultural and historical events of the LGBTQ community, commemorating the 1969 Stonewall riots and invites a public discussion about LGBTQ rights and discrimination. In 1970, Brenda Howard, an activist, organized the first Pride event, both a celebration and a part of the protest movement.

This memorable moment created a ripple effect that allowed monumental LGBTQ events—the LGBTQ community finally had a chance to be heard. For the first time, society also saw the problem of discrimination.

This year we celebrate the 17th anniversary of Pride, and it will take place in our home—Latvia. 2022 also marks 30 years since the Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia decriminalized homosexuality by adopting the Law “On Amendments and Supplements to the Latvian Criminal Code” in 1992.

Throughout years, we’ve experienced grand changes in the LGBTQ community and in the Latvian society.